What is your SEO strategy?

Search Engine Optimisation covers the strategy and methods used, to increase the visibility of your website on Google, and other search engines. This allows Google to suggest your website in search results when it should, leading to increased brand visibility, website enquiries and conversions.

For a visual explanation, try Googling your company name. You’d ideally take up all of the real estate on the page, with information relating to your business. While this may seem obvious, unless you have the necessary methods in place, this isn’t necessarily the case.

SEO is directly impacted by 3 areas: your digital content, your competitors digital content and Google’s best practices and algorithms. All 3 of these aspects are constantly changing. So how can Phancybox help you keep up? Through long-term proven search engine optimisation strategies. No shortcuts or secret weapons, just results driven processes for continual progress.

Regardless of your current competition, position on Google or long term goals, ongoing SEO efforts are necessary to ensure that your website is always in the best possible position. Through ongoing research, change and measurement, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve this.

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