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Web hosting for complete peace of mind

Choose web hosting that offers you full peace of mind. Website hosting comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s vitally important to ensure you choose the best web hosting company to secure your website. After all of the creativity, time and resources spent creating your brand and custom web design, you need to ensure your website is accessible when it should be – 24/7.

Not to get technical on you, but it’s not only the high specifications of Phancybox’s servers that are important. It’s the software, security, processes and experience that our web company has, that ensures optimal performance. Not only are these essential in offering your visitors a seamless experience, and creating a positive impression of your brand, but they count towards your search engine ranking too.

We offer bespoke web hosting solutions, to meet individual company requirements, for both agencies and businesses. A quick conversation will enable us to recommend your ideal solution. Regardless of your choice, all of our hosting options are setup on virtual private servers, on highly spec’d hardware, in safe and secure environments. Our security processes are as solid as our off-site backups and mirroring service, and our digital agency can assist with the migration process too.

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Improve your Website Speed with a CDN

Content Delivery Network’s (CDN’s) are a network of servers, positioned all around the world. They host a collection of cached content, like images and videos. CDN’s help deliver website content to your visitors, based on their geographical location, therefore decreasing the time it takes your website to load. This has a direct positive impact on your SEO as well as your visitors experience.

While our web hosting solutions are running off optimal resources, the number and nature of your website requests, might benefit from a CDN. Offer your clients the best performance, reliability and bandwidth, directly influencing perception and customer satisfaction. Phancybox can help identify if this is the appropriate solution for you.If

If you’d like full peace of mind with a safe and secure web hosting package, please get in touch.

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